Why Study in Canada?

With the implementation of vaccinations and the lifting of border restrictions, Canada will continue to be a popular study destination for international students. Here are a few reasons why.

Although COVID-19 has affected the education sector more than most, a post-pandemic world lies ahead. The global rollout of the vaccine means that international borders are gradually reopening, and travel to study will once again be an option. This brings with it exciting opportunities for students.

Naturally, there is a pent-up demand for international education, and we expect an increase in people traveling abroad. Some institutions around the world expect the number of students to almost double.

In Canada, border controls caused many international students to postpone their studies or choose other locations. But that is changing. We expect Canadian borders to gradually reopen and Canada to remain one of the most popular and sought-after international study destinations in the world.

The best choice for tertiary education

Canada is a popular destination for good reason. The country is famous for its friendliness, multiculturalism, high standard of living at a relatively low cost, and for consistently being at the top of livability surveys.

Canadians have an international reputation for being welcoming, and with one in six residents born outside the country, they are also known for their diversity.

For students, Canada is considered one of the best in the world. The country has a wealth of options for higher education, with at least 101 educational institutions. At Adventus.io, we are proud to work with 75 of those institutions, from small specialized polytechnics to U15 universities and everything in between.

In addition, the Canadian government’s pathway for immigration through graduate work is one of the most generous in the world. In fact, many government schemes encourage graduates to stay in the country and join the local workforce.

A popular choice for students

Students often choose Canada for good reason. The major cities, Vancouver and Toronto, are widely regarded as two of the best places in the world to live.

There is great flexibility and choice beyond the major centers, and Canadian institutions are known for their high level of education in banking, finance, aviation, arts, and business.

What sets Canadian tertiary education apart from the rest is that students often learn from professional workers as well as professors, allowing them to get a practical, professional education with applied job training.

This ultimately leads to better employment opportunities.

Where to Study

There are many great places to study in Canada. For example, Vancouver is a city that has it all: mountains, nature, beaches, and a bustling international city.

Vancouver-based Langara College has small classes and career-specific training. Langara’s downtown location, along with its strong reputation in accounting, finance, and science – among other disciplines – make it a popular choice for students.
For those wishing to live in a thriving metropolis, Toronto is a popular choice. Humber College, located in downtown Toronto, attracts students from all over the world. This prestigious institution has strong connections to industry and is known for its business, accounting, and management studies.

However, Canada’s wide variety of institutions is not limited to the most popular cities. Take Durham College, for example, a long-time Adventus.io partner. Located in Oshawa (Ontario), this college ranks first in terms of international student satisfaction.

Durham College is known for its business, science, engineering and technology activities and has an extremely high employment rate, with 88.6% of postgraduates finding jobs.

Global vaccine deployment is promising and we expect an increase in students traveling for training. For many, Canada is their first choice.

Looking to the future

While COVID-19 restrictions are currently in place, by September 2021 we expect to see dramatic changes where students from around the world can begin their international education.

We know that, for many, the pandemic has been daunting, but the rollout of vaccines globally is promising and we expect an increase in students traveling to study. For many of these students, Canada is their first choice.

Rather than procrastinate, we encourage those interested in Canada to apply. The Canadian government has made it clear: while physically traveling to Canada may not be an option in the next intake, studying online is. Once border restrictions ease, students will be able to continue their studies physically, on campus.

Currently, post-graduation work visas will still apply even to those who have never physically been to Canada. That means studying online is an option, and working in Canada after education is a possibility.

I have to add that this could change once things open up again, so this is really a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of right now.